Meeting notes 2012-04-04

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No Pictures


Financial Update

  • Current Money:
  • Current Paying Members: 27

Group Information

  • Looking at a potential space in Bartlett
    • 2100 Sq Ft. 900 of it office space
    • Will have adjoining neighbors

Event Discussion

  • 5/11 - Tear Apart Night
    • Destruction list: Coffee Makers, Printers, Scanners, ATM Equipment, Washer/Dryer, More to be determined..
    • Suggested tools: Heat gun, great for mass electrical part removal. Soldering iron, Hammer of Thor, Screw/Torx/Allen drivers, Side cutters
  • Have you done something cool recently or will do this month? I am going to try to see if we have enough projects to do a weekly or monthly recap of member projects and activities for the website and the mailing list. All I will need is a Picture and a one sentence description. Easy eh?! Depending on how many updates are received, it will recur every week or every month. Looking forward to seeing the responses. Please send the responses to
  • June - PCB Manufacturing
  • July - Photography Class

Next Board Meeting

  • TBA


Comes to Order @ 7:10 pm

Meeting Adjourned @