Board meeting notes 2017-08-23

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


Previous Action Item Update

  • Notes from last meeting for this meeting:


  • Treasurer Report
  • Sponsor 901FPV Heli invasion event? Oct 20-22nd
    • $250 cash sponsorship (goes towards prize money)
    • Last chance qualifier, should draw a lot of attendance
    • Hosted at Millington Barnstormers


  • What should non-members be allowed to do on open house nights?
    • Let guests know at 8:45 that they'll need to leave by 9:00
    • No Power Tools larger than a soldering iron?
    • Hand tools only, and soldering irons
  • Woodworking Table update / Status? Build on 8/30, 8/31

Nation of Makers SE Summit

  • Spring 2018


  • Hearthstone Tournament, Claudio Host, for Probationary Member Bryce 8/26
  • Beginning soldering, part 1 Sept. 2nd: Larson Kit
  • 901FPV multirotor build Sept. 23 is looking like a potential build day.
  • Beginning soldering, part 2 Sept. 30: TV-B-Gone Kit
  • Surface Mount Soldering, Oct. 7

  • Class Ideas