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Version 1.0



This is the front portion of a Dynamo Arcade cabinet, model HS-13 (ref ). The monitor was originally a 50” Mitsubishi projection TV connected by 3” square tubing to the front piece. All the game electronics were held in the front piece. We do not have keys to the rear panel or the coin slot. However, the latches holding down the top panel are open and we have direct access to the interior of the unit. Coin slot is missing coin return buttons, but recommend removing panel and mechanisms entirely.

Although the markings are for Mortal Kombat 3, this appears to have been a conversion from a Street Fighter game, as indicated by the Block and Run buttons together, as opposed to the block button only in between the punch and kick button that is seen in standard MK3 controls.

Outside cabinet condition is fair. Lots of surface dirt which will require cleaning and/or repainting/ covering, but structure is intact. Upper cabinet lid plexiglass will need to be removed and kept for a template in case it is decided to replace it.

MAME Cabinet Exterior
Cabinet front/coin panel  
Cabinet Top  
Cabinet Rear  
Right Side  


The top panel that also served as a lid is in good shape, but will probably need to be replaced, especially if we change the layout, which I recommend. There are two latches on the rear of the panel to hold the panel down to the base. It hinges up and forward. However, the hinges have pulled out of the base and are bent. While they could possibly be bent back into shape, they are cheap enough to replace instead.

Missing two buttons and associated switches. Buttons and joystick are in good condition, but switches are not. Corroded and missing terminals throughout. Recommend replacing all joysticks, buttons and switches due to low cost for new equipment. Wiring harnesses appear in good shape and have readable labels. Power and volume button panel and switches/knob need replacement. Speakers appear in good shape, but will need to test. Speakers are standard 6” 8ohm circular speakers, so if replacement is needed, cost is minimal.

MAME Cabinet Interior
Coin Panel Wiring  
Power and Speaker Panel  
Player 1 Controls  
Player 2 Controls