Board meeting notes 2016-12-13

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Claudio, Danny, Ernest, Todd, Joe, Kara, Patric, Justin Count: 8


2017 Board Election Results

  • Ensure Quorum is in attendance (Majority of Board Members)
  • Ratify Member Vote
  • Fill Vacant Vice President Position

Review Board Roles


  • Treasurer Report


  • Members with extraordinary stuff at the space for extended periods of time
  • Better meeting scheduling/communication - Ideas
  • Alter Board Terms so that election doesn't happen around Christmas? (Would require member vote)


  • Future events/classes


At the December 2016 board meeting, the 2017 Board Member Election results were ratified:

  • President – Claudio Donndelinger
  • Treasurer – Cliff Gurlen
  • Secretary – Chamberlin
  • Social Media Director – Ernest McCracken

After ratification of the results, Ernest McCracken informed the board he needed to step down from his position. We thank him for his service to the group.

This left two vacancies in the board. Per the bylaws the following members were nominated and voted in to fill the vacancies:

  • Vice President – Joe Ferguson
  • Social Media Director – Todd Wright