Board meeting notes 2017-05-15

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Joe F, Claudio D, Cliff G, Danny C, Todd W, Kara F, Count: 6



  • Treasurer Report


  • New 3D printer, week of 23rd
  • Start building wood working table in July
  • Finalize welding table plans/purchase
  • Rob Wright tools/projects?
  • Dead angle grinder, broken broom handle, cuttoff tool valve seased.
  • Ladders, whatnot
  • Brandon: Identify needed equipment


  • Laser Cert Day (Danny) June 10th (Saturday)
    • Promo / Info due by May 27th
  • 3D printer class
    • Operation, not design
    • Need signage and collateral
    • info due 27th
  • Welding class
  • OX class/carbon fiber/class
  • From Maker to Sold: A class on getting started with Etsy
  • Monthly Event nights
    • Leather working (later)
    • 3D Printer night 7-9, in June (follow up in chat)
    • 901FPV tech nights (Joe/Alec)
    • Cookout night >> Family night (TODD)
    • Board game night

Ernest > small inexpensive lego kits

  • Notes from planning session

Action Items

  • TODO
    • Bristle Bot Kits
    • Lego Kits
  • Purchase Nametags

3D printer meetup June 20th 7pm