Board meeting notes 2017-05-15

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Joe F, Claudio D, Cliff G, Danny C, Todd W, Kara F, Count: 6



  • Treasurer Report


  • New 3D printer, week of 23rd
  • Start building wood working table in July
  • Finalize welding table plans/purchase
  • Rob Wright tools/projects?
  • Dead angle grinder, broken broom handle, cuttoff tool valve seased.
  • Ladders, whatnot
  • Brandon: Identify needed equipment


  • Laser Cert Day (Danny) June 17th 1 p.m. (Saturday)
    • Promo / Info due by May 27th
  • 3D printer class
    • Operation, not design
    • Need signage and collateral
    • info due 27th
  • Welding class
  • OX class/carbon fiber/class
  • From Maker to Sold: A class on getting started with Etsy
  • Monthly Event nights
    • Leather working (later)
    • 3D Printer night 7-9, in June (follow up in chat)
    • 901FPV tech nights (Joe/Alec)
    • Cookout night >> Family night (TODD)
    • Board game night

Ernest > small inexpensive lego kits

  • Notes from planning session

Action Items

  • TODO
    • Bristle Bot Kits
    • Lego Kits
  • Purchase Nametags

3D printer meetup June 20th 7pm

Monday Member Meat Your Maker July 20th Pizza

Send planning docs info

3D printer orientation class June 10th

June 17th laser cutter orientation class

DAN > oil/gas kiln > else sell > else throw away

Unused door eval SATURDAY, Joe, Cliff, Claudio

Next Meeting: