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Frequently used templates for emailing members

New Member Introduction


Thanks for filling out our membership application. Here ( is our new member packet. It has our contact info and other good info to know about the group. We received your application fee and you've begun the new member process. The process is simply here to allow you to get acquainted with us and us with you. The new member process usually lasts about a month (depending on how active you are in coming to meetings) and we'll let you know when you become a full member and give you a key to the space. When you receive your key, your normal monthly dues will start.

If you have not already joined our mailing list, please do so at your earliest convenience:

If you have any questions please let me know.


Missing Dues


Midsouth Makers Missing Dues

Just sending you a friendly payment reminder letting you know that you are lacking on MONTH Dues. You can always use the donations/due payment page on the website ( or pay in cash/check at any Friday meeting. 


New Incoming Member


New Incoming Member
You're receiving this email because you are a current paying member of the Midsouth Makers. I'd like to announce that our probationary member, NEWMEMBER (MEMBER NICK) has received the necessary board member support to be promoted to a full member status on NEXYFRIDAYDATE (next Friday). If anyone has concern with this, please email me directly or email the Thanks for your time and I hope to see you all Friday.

Applied Member that we haven't seen / seen in a while


Midsouth Makers Trial Membership

You've applied to become a member of Midsouth Makers but we haven't seen you recently (or we've just missed you, our apologies). If you're still interested in becoming a full member please join us at one of our open house meetings that we have every Friday at our space from 7pm-9pm and make sure to say hello to a board member.

If you're no longer interested, we understand!

Hope to see you soon.

Member Approved by Board


Midsouth Makers Membership Status Update

Just wanted to let you know that as a trial / probationary Midsouth Makers member you have gained the support to be promoted to full member status as of 3/17 as long as no current member has objections. (We've never had anyone object, it's just how our formal process works)

What Happens Next: 

If someone does object, we'll be in touch to discuss. (this has never happened)

If no one objects, (you won't hear from us) see a board member for your RFID token on Friday!

Congrats and hope to see you soon.
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