Board meeting notes 2022-07-22

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scott f, Rich, Danny C, joe F, Brant, Renee, Guests from Battle Robot groups Count: 6


Financial Update

Finances good, trending down need to push for late members. Board to email late members

Printer Update

a101/taz going to catacombs for Claudio to pick up, otherwise will ship. Danny has recieved printer from Elegoo and posted inital blog post:

August 13 Printer clinic / unboxing of elegoo printer

Robotics Discussion w/ Guests

Hosting a battle robotics event. Not many spectators, blocking off tool access. Probably will line up. Still discussing specifics. Possible to put arena in Car bay and have one shop table or both for repairing bots. Second option would be putting the arena in the frontroom. Then repairs in the classroom?

Timeframe: initially 7-8 hours? Brian's thoughts is using anti up system. poker style ante of bots fighting each other. whoever has most chips at timelimit wins. Unsure of number of competitors 16 bots, most people bring at least 1 bot for each category. 10-12 hour day for setup/teardown. Going to do a test run, see how it works put. Brian going to run event by board.

Oci has investigated supplies for the Roland printer. Approve cartridge by oci to verify print heads are good (Black cart first)

CNC Update

Ox needs new belts, getting backlash. Brant thinks we should get - 6mm gates belts. Cliff and Brant discussed belts. GT3 Belts/gates would be the way to go. Matter of finding a supplier to sell the belt in rolls at 3mm pitch.

VCarve Software. $100/year 5 seats. We have this now!

General Updates

Insurance: We're paid up and all set. Joe's received paperwork confirming.

Do we want wood lathe from Rene H. on loan? We need what for the sureline? It works but needs more to be a CNC. - No place to put it atm. Not a high priority.

The parking lot pothole. We should email the landlord and ask having the parking lot painted and by the way there's a giant pothole. Rich will email.