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{{Board meeting notes
{{Board meeting notes
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|previous = 2023-09-15
|current = 2023-10-20
|current = 2023-10-20
|next = 2023-11-17
|next = 2023-11-17

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.



The October board meeting was held Friday October 20th.

Financials & Member News A couple of members have requested a dues pause. No new membership applications have been received so far this month. Batteries for UPS and light bulbs for classroom were additional purchase. PayPal revenue was below Normal.

Safety Scott will be checking with MLGW to see about getting an automatic parking light on the pole next to the dumpster. Space Tools Chris replaced the cable for the camera on the laser cutters and will be receiving reimbursement. The Roland Vinyl cutter is out for auction to members. It is believed to work as a vinyl cutter but the printing aspect at least needs new cartridges and a print head. The starting bid request is $50. The bids can be placed in the flea-market channel and bidding closes Friday November 3.

LAN PARTY/Training room The painting is complete and replacement ceiling tiles are ordered. The plan is to replace about 17 tiles and pat all the tiles with a matching color of white. There is a LAN Party tomorrow night starting at 6:30 PM.

T-Shirts The T-Shirt replacements are at the space and will be handed out beginning tomorrow night 10/27. You keep you old ones and get new ones with the corrected colorization. Thank you again Morgan Sollis!!!

Committee Members Herb has volunteered to head the Training Committee. We still need volunteers to join committees and also to head the Cleanliness and the Tool and Shop Upkeep committee.

Classes Still working through all the casting class logistics. We are waiting to hear from Chris on when we will be ready. Danny will be giving an EVA Foam Cosplay class in January. simple props class with a good overview of how to use tools in the space to assist you. Morgan is planning on giving a hand pottery class. This is where you just use your hands to model the clay, no wheel. Brant is doing additional pottery wheel research. Brant is checking what week in November would be a good week for a large CNC class.

Public Relations Dylan Baldridge has proposed a working relationship between the Memphis Zoo and the Maker space. It basically consists of the zoo keepers in a workshop to learn about animals and the enrichment items the zoo may need developed and made. This would be volunteer only and no monetary compensation for the space or members who decide to participate. This will currently be restricted to members only unless there is not enough interest. It is hoped the makerspace may receive some serious publicity from this effort. With the board's approval Dylan will now be meeting with zoo leadership to see if there is interest in moving ahead. 2024 Board Nominations The nominations for the 2024 board members opens November 1st. You CAN nominate yourself if you are interested in having a larger voice in how the space is moving to the future. Member Survey Still coming, we will be using Google Docs as soon as Scott figures it out. Three questions to be thinking about and spend a little time on answering. 1. What do you like about the space. 2. What do you not like about the space. 3. What changes would you recommend for the space new suggestions or changes to old things.