Extreme Lego Makeover

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Extreme Minifig Makeover

Lego Minifig costume head before modification

Owner critter42
Version 1.0
Status In Progress
Started On April 2011


This Lego Minifig costume was first built for Halloween 2008. I thought I would convert it this year to a Zombie minifig for the annual Memphis Zombie Walk that will be held on May 27th downtown. I am also taking this opportunity to refine and fix several defects that became apparent after the costume was put together.


  • Design and style
    • Constructed from 7 layers of 1.5" thick Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) sheets
    • Imperfections filled by joint compound and sanded smooth
    • Painted Insignia Yellow to match standard Minifig head color as close as possible
    • Lined with black felt to help prevent people from seeing inside the mask and prevent inhaling loose EPS pellets
  • Defects
    • Combination of EPS sheets, felt and low clearance between face and mask makes inside temperatures climb quickly
    • Above conditions also promote breathing difficulties due to low oxygen
    • Small eyehole have very low visibility and field of view
    • Uneven application of joint compound resulted in a patchy appearance and not the smooth, plasticy appearance desired

Planned Fixes

  • High interior temperatures
    • Install a set of computer drive bay-mounted fans in the rear
    • Install a large muffin fan in the top peg
  • Breathing difficulties
    • Increase gap between head an inside of mask
  • Low Field of view
    • Cut out large rectangle where eyes will be located, cover with drywall tape or sanding screen to allow viewing out, but help hide face
  • Patchy appearance
    • Sand glue joints as smooth as possible
    • Coat entire mask in thin layers of joint compound, sanding between layers
    • Paint with a matte pain and cover with a gloss sealant