Giant LED Clock

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Giant LED Clock

One side Lit

Owner bseishen
Version 1.0
Status Unknown
Started On Spring 2011
Cost ~50.00


A giant LCD clock inspired by's PingPong Ball Clock[1] and's 12 Foot GPS Clock [2]


  • Popular wood frame
  • Florescent ceiling light diffuser as the front of the display.
  • The center core is made out of foam board and 1-1/2 inches of foam board.
  • Plywood back with 5mm holes drilled for leds
  • ARM Coretex M3 and i2c components drive the display.

Pictures and Video

The clock back-lit with a lamp, before the LED's were installed.
Installing LED's in the back of the display.
One Side lit.

External Link of the right side of the display working.[3]