Haksaw incidents

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This is an account of all incidents involving haksaw.

6 June 2018

Haksaw blew up a plastic bottle. 750psi, ears hurt.

Total Damages: ~$1.00 for the plastic bottle

30 July 2015

Haksaw left a used oil filter precariously perched on the edge of his truck bed. It did not end well.

Total Damages: ~Many marine deaths from the contamination of our precious waterways.

4 December 2014

Haksaw was running a 100W led without air cooling. The light engine flickered from white to blue and smoke rolled as one by one each led died on the chip.

Total Damages: ~$25.00

4 December 2012

Dan9186 handed Haksaw a printed piece of a MendelMax at which point Haksaw broke it within 5 seconds of it being in his hands.

Total Damages: ~$0.10

8 December 2012

Haksaw got married.

Total Damages: ~lifetime of financial ruin

17 December 2012

Haksaw peddled too hard on the generator bike built by Remowylliams, causing the magnets to come off the fly wheel and attach themselves to one of the iron cores in the transformer coil. This broke one of the magnets, and a few pieces of plastic on the bike itself.

Total Damages: ~$25

13 March 2013

Haksaw apparently did not learn from previous encounters with forcibly moving servos/motors, and manually moved a servo wired in to a 5v rail on a breadboard power adapter. The generated current put too much voltage backwards through the regulator and blew it.

Total Damages: ~$3

17 March 2012

A Pololu stepper driver caught fire during an early prototyping session of the DoodleBot. A bright warm flame was said to be seen from outside the shop. The stepper driver was declared a total loss with the accompanying breadboard suffering scorching and slight melting.

Two other casualties were suffered that day, resulting in three dead Pololus.

Total Damages: ~$38.00

1 June 2013

Haksaw attempted using the sonar on his quadcopter under the water. It didn't make it out of the swamp.

Total Damages: ~$180

31 October 2012

15:05 < haksaw> well me (the dumbass) got the tri working yesterday and imedatly few it upside down into the dirt and broke all the props

Total Damages: ~$15.00