Meeting notes 2010-05-21

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  • John
  • Mary
  • Daniel
  • Marshall
  • Mark
  • Danny
  • Kevin
  • Brandi
  • Joe
  • Kara
  • Kim
  • Bill

Count: 12


No Pictures


  • Trip to Huntsville's Space
    • Anyone who wants to go is welcome, we just need to know in advance
  • Zombie Walk
    • It's next week
    • Any thoughts/advice on how to zombify yourself?
    • Anyone know they're going?
    • Do we need to cancel the meeting for that Friday?
    • We do need people to help pass out handouts, we can make use of this to advertise
  • Recycling
    • It has been asked if we could send some of the aluminum towards Greg & Michele for a donation to the group
    • Anyone have any cans (or anything else) they need picked up?
  • Barbecue
    • It has been proposed that we do some sort of BBQ cookout
    • Anyone not interested?
    • Let's start hashing out plans to do so
  • Movie Night
    • We can show movies up here, and go see them in the theater
    • Any suggestions?
    • Anyone Interested?
  • Flyer Raids
    • When are we going to do the next round of raids?
  • Talks
    • No one specific yet, but everyone is entitled to 5 minutes to talk, show, do whatever they like



Comes to Order @ 7:15 PM

  • Let us know by the 12th if you want to go to the Huntsville trip to makers local 256.
  • Next weekend is the Zombie Walk
  • May want to have someone at CBU to redirect people to Beale on Friday
  • Recycling
    • Aluminum Cans (With tabs if possible, without is fine too)
    • Cardboard
  • BBQ. Potentially having a big barbecue with the group.
  • We'd like to do another social night.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:45 PM