Meeting notes 2011-08-19

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


No Pictures



  • Current Funds: $3153 (predicted)
  • Current # Paying Members: 34

Event Discussion

  • Weekends 12-4 Open Hack Day at the space
  • Sept 3rd, 4th, 5th - Twitter Recruitment Event
  • We're planning a Sculpy Craft Class led by Rachel

Group Information

  • Board Meeting Monday 8-22 7pm(ish) @ the space
    • Members welcome

'Project Discussion General Info


Comes to Order @

Meeting Adjourned to the space due to lack of venue. Republic Coffee had a live band tonight. Sent out relocation information over the mailing list, and waited at RC for any attendees.

Posted pertinent information on the whiteboards at the space. John mentioned we were signed up for the back room for the next scheduled Republic meeting.

Meeting Adjourned @