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RaiderNationLaptopStation final design

Owner critter42
Version 1.0
Status In Progress
Started On June 2011


When working from home, I have to use 3 laptops and an external monitor in order to monitor different system alarms. My current setup is on a dining room table and is very uncomfortable having to stretch from system to system. In addition, I have a collection of other laptops and netbooks that I have acquired over the years that need to be stored. I decided to design a compact desk that is more comfortable to use that will fit in our spare room and still provide enough space to stow all my equipment.


  • Design and style
    • Constructed from 4 4' x 4' sheets of 1/2" plywood and 1 4' x 4' 1/2" sheet of MDF
    • Total footprint is 4' x 4' to fit in the available space in spare bedroom
    • Painted black and silver for good team mojo(GO RAIDERS!)
    • Individual shelves for laptops, mice and power adapters in left return and a space for backpacks in the right return.

Initial Design

  • Created with Google Sketchup 8
    • Tutorials from Sketchup for Woodworkers allowed me to reduce Sketchup learning curve to a matter of hours.
    • Used Cutlist 4.1 plugin for Sketchup to automatically lay out cuts and make most efficient use of boards


  • Laid out cuts on all boards, then rough-cut large pieces with portable saw
  • Doing fine cuts with table saw
  • Assembled using brad nails to hold pieces together, using glue and countersunk screws for main strength.
    • May also use 1/4" dowels, but there is much greater chance of splitting wood when drilling dowel holes.