Requirements and comparison of spaces/3527 Southern Ave

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Requirements and comparison of spaces/3527 Southern Ave
Address 3527 Southern AveGnome-globe.svg
Rent $800/mo
Down Payment $0
Utilities ~$250/mo
Other Bills ~$169.23/mo
Est Total ~$1219.23/mo
Est Members Needed {{#number_format:27.094}} @ $45/mo
Space 2,040 sq ft (190 m2)
Lease 2 years Example
Measurements 24 ft (7.3 m) wide
92 ft (28 m) east wall
78 ft (24 m) west wall
Office 1
Bathroom 1
Owner David Madison
(901) 682-4811
Notes Rent would increase $100 after first year
Entire space is airconditioned
Doube doors in back


We would be required to pay the first months rent of $800, and a minimum of one months rent as a down payment. After that we would get one month's rent for free. This would mean that we would need to have roughly $1600 to get in the door. An example of the lease that would be signed.



The space does have 3 phase power run to it. Also the security/street lamp out back is connected to the power of the building we are looking at, so it would be on our bill.


The last A/C unit that was installed in the place had been stolen after it was left untouched for a while. The owner has been kind enough to state that he will have a new unit installed once the place is rented.


There is a minimum cost of $85/mo just to keep the power on (this does include the lamp out back). From what MLGW has shown from historical data, the bill was roughly $120 in the summer months and closer to $300 in the winter months.


3527 Southern Ave Floorplan.png