Scroll Saw

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Scroll Saw
Owner Midsouth Makers
Tool Category Tool -> Power Tool
Model Shopsmith model 610
Serial 76711
Cost 0
Status Available
Availability Anyone may use

Read The Freaking Manual.svgDo Not Hack.svg


Link to the manual locationYouTube guides, tutorials, etc





  • Built in the 1950's
  • 18" Throat
  • Tilting bed
  • Air assist
  • Supports accessories


  • Standard scroll saw blades will work or coping saw blades with the pins knocked out.
  • Needs to be oiled with SAE 10 oil yearly or every 100 hours of use.

Allowable Materials

Wood and plastics are recommended. Thin metal can be used if equipped with a metal blade.

Wood must comply with the following rules:

  • No moldy or wet wood
  • All nails and staples removed

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Wear Safety Goggles
  • Use Hearing Protection
  • Roll long sleeves above the elbow
  • Tie back long hair
  • Do not wear loose clothing, gloves, neckties or jewelry
  • For dusty operations, wear a dust mask

Safe Operation

  • Always cut work pieces that are resting on the worktable – no ‘free hand’ cutting of work in air
  • Always adjust the work piece foot to gently rest on the work piece
  • DO NOT attempt to clear the blade of loose pieces while the machine is running. Only clear the blade and table of loose pieces of work after the blade has come to a complete stop
  • Push work pieces through the saw by applying even pressure on both sides of the work piece
  • If the blade cannot cut a tight radius without bogging down, cut straight through the scrap material, remove the scrap, and try again from a clean cut
  • DO NOT push on the work piece along the scroll saw’s line of cut
  • Adjust the tilt of the table by loosening the table tilt lock, tilting the table to the desired angle, and tightening the table tilt lock

Prior to each use

After each use

  • Brush off any sawdust/leftover materials
  • Sweep surrounding area
  • Return scroll saw back to it's location