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My name is Joe Ferguson, and I claim this page as my own sandbox... or something. If you're easily offended by language, you may want to avoid the rest of this page, I've started using this as my personal to do list. I don't type well / fast / comprehensible and I often use words that scare little children.

About Me:

I work for a small company and I get to wear many hats. Web Designer / System Admin / Web Marketing / Networking / Tech / General Mr. Fixit. If it has a keyboard attached, I can probably figure it out. I'm an all around Computer Geek / Social Freak. I'm very interested in technology and have spent many late hours tinkering with software. I'm also a pretty big World of Warcraft nerd, but hey, we all have our vices.

I joined Midsouth Makers because I was interested in finding like minded people and I'm always open to learning new things and exploring / developing new ideas.


Brain Dump Nothing here is intended to be fully logical or remotely sensible. This is to be considered var_dump($SvpersBrain); Stuff I'm pretty good at

  • Linux Administration / Desktop: Ubuntu - Debian
    • BASH Programming
  • HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, Perl
  • MySQL
  • Proxmox / OpenVZ
  • Virtual Box
  • Wordpress
  • OpenCart
  • Quikstore
  • Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Windows

Technologies I'd like to learn

  • CodeIgniter / CakePHP / more MVC(L) PHP frameworks
  • Python
  • Cisco
  • IDS / Security / Pentesting / Backtrack
  • SQLite
  • Java
  • LUA
  • Netbeans / Eclipse
  • Xen
  • Cryptography

Projects I should code (Or con someone into coding for me)

  • HMS - Hackerspace Management System
  • Some kind of system to input project ideas and show funding progress

Things I'd like to do

  • Build an autonomous / AI system that monitors a house / space / area
    • Voice monitoring / talk to / system talks back
    • IRC / SMS / Email interaction
  • Home Automation stuff
    • Remote Access to lights, thermostat, cameras
    • Motion sensors based on occupancy.
    • Thermal detection to find where the cats are in the house