Vinyl Cutter

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Vinyl Cutter
Owner Midsouth Makers
Tool Category Tool -> Power Tool
Model MH-871
Serial MK02-0347-0607
Cost $300
Status Repairs needed
Availability Training required to use

Read The Freaking Manual.svgDo Not Hack.svg


link to tool use guidesLink to the manual location




Our vinyl cutter is stored inside the common room next to the first workstation.


  • 34 inch maximum feed width
  • 30.63inch maximum cutting width



  • Recommended vinyl: GreenStar Intermediate Calendered Vinyl 30" x 10 Yard Roll, 3mil (~$18.99)USCutter
  • Available for same day pickup in Memphis, use the "Will Call" option when ordering.
  • USCutter: 3696 Knight Road Suite 101 Memphis, TN 38118 425-481-3555 M-F 6 am-4 pm

Cutting Blades

  • 45 Degree cutting blade for regular vinyl (Red Cap, 0.25mm offset) 26500057G IN USE
  • 60 Degree cutting blade for reflective vinyl, cardboard, etc (Green Cap, 0.50mm offset) 26500058G

Allowable Materials

Personal Protective Equipment

  • None

Safe Operation

  • Keep hands and hair away from machine

Prior to each use

  • Carefully release the pressure clamp on the 3 guide rollers and feed vinyl through.
  • Do not change blade depth or cutting pressure without asking first.

After each use

  • Return the vinyl cutter to it's location along the wall.
  • Back out and remove the vinyl roll and return to the roll holder

Software and Drivers



SignBlazer (Windows)



Interface Max Cutting Width Max Feed Width Max Pressure Recommended Pressure Max Speed Recommended Speed
Serial, USB 30.63" 34.2" 500grams 48 in / sec