Board meeting notes 2014-12-23

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Ben, Claudio, Brett, Jonathan, Ernest, and Danny Count: 6


Re-Open PR Board Position

  • Re-opening PR Board position

2014 Member of the Year

  • Discussion


Comes to Order @ 6:12pm

Re-opening PR Position

  • No objections to re-opening PR position
    • Motion carried, Ernest McCracken starts 2014-Jan-01
    • Danny will add MM accounts to HootSuite and add Earnest as a user

2014 Maker of the Year

  • Proposed by Brett
    • MOTY gets Membership Fee waived for one year (individual only - if on Family membership, only has to pay $30)
    • Process flow
      • Get nominations
      • Members have two weeks between nominations and elections.
      • First MOTY determined by committee so we do not have to wait another year
      • Future MOTYs chosen via ballot at the same time of Board Elections
    • First MOTY announced at Anniversary cookout on January 17, 2015


  • Global Game Jam - 01/23/2014 through 01/25/2014

Meeting Adjourned @ 6:48pm