Mid-South Makers First X-Annual Make-In

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The Mid South Makers Artist Ghetto is proud to announce the

Mid-South Makers' First x-Annual* Make-In

The Make-In will be 24 hours of concentrated space-based making from 12 noon on Saturday, March 17 until 12 noon on Sunday March 18. Come to the space and

  • Start and/or finish the projects you've been putting off.
  • Inspire, and be inspired by, other makers' projects and progress.
  • Stay 24 hours, or drop by as you can.
  • Use the space as a maker with other makers.
  • All members are invited.

* where x is whatever increment we feel like

Date and Time

12 noon on Saturday, March 17 to 12 noon on Sunday March 18.


All MSM members are invited to participate. Non-members may come by as guest of a on-site member after signing a waiver.

The following makers are participating:










Moss graffiti group project, led by Rachel


  • LED dog collar
  • weather balloon camera


  • scooter


The event is really geared toward individual member's projects but we will also have:

  • 1 p.m. - moss graffitti group project on the south wall of the courtyard. Probably the MSM logos.
  • 6 p.m. - Introduction to the Shop. Dru will demonstrate most of the tools in the shop.
  • 12 midnight - halfway point beer garden.


Food and Consumables

  • deli trays for making sandwiches. Ben volunteered to barbecue some hamburgers and hotdogs if people want to chip in.
  • coffee
  • soft drinks
  • beer for the bier garden
  • doughnuts
  • paper towels and toilet paper


  • Lamps to warm the native fluorescent lighting. Judith brought a lamp to the space on 2/24. Rachel and Dru also have lamps.
  • Countdown clock for the space and for the web site. Launch Memphis is lending us a countdown clock for the event. Roy is picking it up the Thursday before the event (3/15/2012).


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