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There isn't enough Internet to list all the crap I want to build. Here goes.

A car trailer thats legal to carry passengers without seatbelts, like expensive drive-RVs, but detachable. (I have a sketch)

A pneumatic speed bump that goes up down using radar so not everyone has to suffer the speed bump. (I submitted it to fund)

A robot car that drives itself. ( is a start to this)

A 40mph lawn mower. (I have a big yard)

An OS for war driving that sends bits to dozens of reachable wifi's at any given moment. ( I don't afford a cellphone )

A hack to the nuvi-gps so I can virtually-drive it around from my house and harvest speed limit signs for (I know all about the SIRF-III module that nuvi uses.

A way to clean between old-double pane windows that have moisture in between them. Drill a small hole in the glass and clean it with gas or fluid, dry the space and plug the hole with rubber. This would save homeowners millions in window replacements.

I measured the Rvalue of my house. This is along the lines of the insulation tax credits going out. I wanted to measure something tangable, not just caulk my house to death. Temperature.png