Board meeting notes 2021-04-30

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Joe F., Rich T., Danny C., Cliff G., Brant S., Daniel H., Ian L. Count: 7


Previous Action Item Update

Back to in-person meetings and recruiting and outreach. Require mask usage to public open houses. Recommended full vaccination for our members and visitors.

Create a working committee to create a proposal to the board about adding a membership type of Supporter. Joe will lead starting in ~April~ May.

Previous Action Items

  • General Chat should go PG-13 asap. Done!
  • Write up discord for Public VS Private Done!
  • We would announce fee structure change, supporter role (pay way you want w/ $ min) - Part of that is no fee increases for both personal & family members through the end of 2021 as long as you're a member during 2021. ASSUMING Membership levels stay.


  • Financial Update: Things look good. Boyle Plan coming up
  • Reopening the space to public meetings
  • Cliff/Board going to look into PPE loads (Government loan we could use for loan / utilities)

Space Reopening

  • Masks on at the space. Unless you or your family unit are the only occupants.
  • Continue to enforce mask mandate until board rescind.
  • Add signage for 6' apart, wear a mask.
  • Spirit of the idea is stay masked unless there is no other way to achieve. Board reserves the right to enforce mask wearing.
  • Communicate everyone should be wearing mask whether it's a Friday night or Not
  • Space use policy, Members need to follow the policy as long as there are more than 1 person outside of their household unit using the space.
  • In leiu of validation vaccination records or temperature checking we are requiring all visitors and members to wear masks inside the space unless you or your household is the only occupants.

Timeline of reopening to public spaces

  • Cleaning up & Declutter.
  • Soft member opening. on 2 friday nights. "Wear your dirty close to purge the crud the space"
  • New Equipment! rearanging and sorting how where things are going to.
  • Member only May Friday nights. June 4th, first public openhouse.
  • Member Month for May to prep space for public open house.
  • Zoom / Call type station for virtual open house.
  • How do we limit number of space