Board meeting notes 2011-02-21

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


  • Group Administration
    • Official Vote to adopt Bylaws for the group
    • We'll be losing Walter when he enlists
      • Who do we want to take his place.
      • Potentially shuffling around jobs/responsibilities.
    • Instructables Pro Memberships
      • We should fairly distribute those to members, including board members
      • Raffle for money for the group?
      • Contest prizes?
  • Financial Update
    • We currently have $3,653.64 in funds now
    • $240 out standing from members with keys
    • Insurance will be $100/mo for 10 months every year
    • We have a $570 deposit due to MLGW that has 75% deferred for 3 months so that we can pay it in installments over 4 months total
    • After all of the deposits and minus any other surprise expenses we are looking at roughly $800 + $120 + $250 + $100 = $1270/mo
    • We are bringing in $1065/mo right now, that is a difference of $205 or 5 full paying members
    • If we do not make up that difference we will begin using our slush fund around October and will begin having problems paying bills on time around December due to when people pay their dues
  • Space
  • Event Discussion
    • LAN party April 2nd


Comes to Order @ 7:15 PM

  • Motion has been made to add a membership portion to the Bylaws
    • Joe & Daniel will draft up the addition and forward to the board for approval
  • Pro Memberships
    • John has had a response from the contact and will forward to the board
    • The idea is to do something with them, permitting their rules, to drum up activity or funds
  • LAN Party
    • Food
      • Chili
      • Hotdogs
      • Chips
      • Drinks
      • Baby Vegetables
    • Publicity
      • Chris is going to work his magic
      • Possible T-shirts
    • Invitees
      • Ask Makers Local and Huntsville

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:32 PM