Board meeting notes 2011-01-24

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


  • Financial Update
    • Number of paying Members.
    • Has everyone that has keys (from December) paid for January?
  • Making decisions, board members must be ready to be personally responsible for a decision you make on behalf of the group.
  • Space
    • Some Exterior lights working
    • Ms. Pacman has been cleaned up a bit (glass / controls)
    • We should look into chairs of some sort so we can handle a good amount of people comfortably in the house.
    • Create form for items being donated to the space
    • if it's left at the space w/ no note it's assumed donation to the group.
  • Screen Printing
    • Michael and Daniel are going up the 30th to get it and coming back that evening
    • The two owners would like to have continued use of it, they are willing to pay in some fashion but do not want a full membership, we need to work up something that is agreeable to both sides for the use of the utilities they would have in using the rig on occasion
  • Event Discussion
  • We hosted Ubuntu LoCo TN Meeting Jan 22nd
    • They'd like us to continue hosting their meet ups
  • Blue Coast Burrito Fundraiser Jan 29th 4-9pm
  • Fan table at MidSouthCon March 25-27th
    • Anyone planning to help cover our table will have to pay for MSC admission
    • Table 6' x 5.5' x 8' near/in front of a power outlet


Comes to Order @

  • Space
  • 24 Paying members
  • Take down shelves in paint room. Have something to do next.
  • Daniel is going to help bring the screen printing rig to the space this weekend.
    • Charge them per month to come in and use the printer if they need it.
  • Form for donating items.
  • Space
  • Heat in the shop
    • Used oil burner
  • Events
  • Projects to show off at blue coast?
  • Going to pass on MidsouthCon, Make big plans for 2012.
    • Flyer for this year $10 off event / membership
  • Make our own business cards for promotional

Meeting Adjourned @