Board meeting notes 2021-07-23

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Herb M, Danny C, Rich T, Joe F, Renee T, Brant S. Count: 6


Previous Action Items

  • We would announce fee structure change, supporter role (pay way you want w/ $ min) - Part of that is no fee increases for both personal & family members through the end of 2021 as long as you're a member during 2021. ASSUMING Membership levels stay.

Gating Coming to Space from Landlord

Update from Rich

Financial Update

From Renee.

RFID Application & PayPal Integration

Joe has news and updates.

PayPal & Dan Hess

Turns out we never put our MM EIN on our PayPal account and the IRS thinks Dan owes some back taxes. Joe is working through resolving by adding himself as a contact on PayPal and then requesting tax records be recalculated.

Next Board Meeting 2021-08-27


  • Spoke w/ Mike R. From Landlord on when landlord is going to implement gates, will be key coded. On public open house nights we'll have to go close. ETA ~ 1 month
  • Financial update May - we're paying our rent again, Utilities low because of weather. Big expense was Bagsters from the cleanup process. Brought in less in May than we spent, due to how dates fell + landlord checks ~819$ down
  • Financial Update June - Insurance big expense, still net negative, meetup + extra bagster.
  • Get a list of materials that need replacing, use for the MTF remaining funds (Apple)
  • RFID App changes coming, creating users for everyone who's given us a transaction/money to facilitate reporting members.