Requirements and comparison of spaces/2203 Freemont Rd.

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Requirements and comparison of spaces/2203 Freemont Rd.
Address 2203 Freemont Rd., Memphis, TN 38114Gnome-globe.svg
Rent $800/mo
Down Payment $800
Utilities ~$275/mo
Other Bills ~$169.23/mo
Est Total ~$1244.23/mo
Est Members Needed {{#number_format:27.649555555556}} @ $45/mo
Space 3,770 sq ft (350 m2)
Lease 1 year File:2203 Freemont Lease.pdf
Offices 2
Bathroom 1
Owner Mr. Leath
Notes Rent might be reduced on a case by case basis in trade for work.

House: 1,320 sq ft (123 m2)
Shared Shop: 2,450 sq ft (228 m2)
Locked Shop: ~300 sq ft (28 m2)



  1. Are the utilities going to be in their name or ours if the space is going to remain shared? We don't want to be footing the bill for what they might use for the electricity. Answer - The utilities are expected to be in the group's name, but the owner has assured us that the use of utilities by anyone other than ourselves will be negligible.
  2. How is security going to turn out for the shared aspect? Are they going to be conscious enough of our stuff as well as we will be of theirs? Answer - There are only going to be two people, the owner and his lead employee, who have access to the space. They have assured us that security of our stuff will be paid close attention to.


  1. The location is of a concern for drawing in more people.


  1. It is very close to Midtown
  2. It is close to the southern side of the 240 loop
  3. Even though it is "shared space" we will have more room for the money we are paying
  4. We have a much better relationship with the owner than we have any other place