Board meeting notes 2022-07-01

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Rich, Renee, Joe, G, Brant, Danny Count: 6


The parking lot pothole. We should email the landlord and ask having the parking lot painted and by the way there's a giant pothole. Rich will email.

Someone dumping off HVAC trash, but they are HVAC people in our complex.

Insurance: We need to renew. Getting account set up. Joe will call 7/5 to get account set up.

Financial Update

Utilities higher but we've seen more access recently.

CNC Update

Ox needs new belts, getting backlash. Brant thinks we should get - 6mm gates belts. VCarve Software. $100/year 5 seats.

Elagoo offered to sponsor us a Printer, Danny will run point. Joe will connected Danny with Elagoo.

Laser Cutter class for August?

Do we want wood lathe from Rene H. on loan? We need what for the sureline? It works but needs more to be a CNC.