Board meeting notes 2023-11-17

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


  • Finance Overview (Brant)
  • Membership News (Brant)
  • Parking lot lighting status (Scott)
  • Roland vinyl cutter disposition
  • Update from Phillip on MCFC table turnout and what should we do differently for 2 upcoming cons
  • Shadowcon Friday January 5th and 6th at Brooks Travelodge and ABC remix the following weekend at the Landers center. Flyers have been generated to promote the cosplay workshop. Logistics discussion manning tables, etc. (Danny)
  • EVA Cosplay workshop proposal for Hjanua20th (Danny)
  • Call for volunteers to install ceiling tiles along with date and time
  • Board member election update (Joe)
  • Survey Status: (Scott)


  • Double billed because of how utility bills fell this month. Bought ceiling tiles.
  • PayPal revenue normal. All in all down $395 in October caused by us essentially paying a month ahead on utilities.
  • Members is on PayPal Payments even the cash holdout. 48/50 keys / members (including family memberships)
  • 1 new member Michael, been to 2 open house. Approved to keys
  • Parking lot Lighting: Scott got a response from mlgw and waiting on a work order. moving very slow in the process. Herb might have lighting idea. Rene also has solar stadium light idea.
  • Roland vinyl cutter disposition: Scott will take it to the scrap yard. Raffle off ? Offer it. Brant to mention it to Members
  • Philip update: he's coming?
  • Cosplay workshop Review: Approved. Cost is $14.76 each. $20 non members, $15 for members limit 10 person class. Aimed at beginners.
  • Reddit Account for MidsouthMakers? Joe will look into it.