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  • Make quick disconnects for power/ethernet to workbenches
  • Add lifting casters to move tables easier (ref [1])
  • Set up Dust Collection on east wall
  • Clean/organize top of Catacombs and User shelves


  • Fix Laser 2
  • Vinyl Storage
  • Filament Storage


  • Add inline switch to "Open" sign power cord
  • Get M.A.M.E. cabinet running
  • Inspect/Fix network jacks/wiring


  • Cover light switch
  • Inspect/Fix network jacks/wiring


Type Cost(ballpark) Need (Y/N)? Link (optional)
Paper Towels(Roll) Y
Paper Towels(Dispensers) N
Hand Soap Y
Light Bulbs (Fluorescent) N
Light Bulbs (regular) Y
Sawzall Blades Y
Table Saw Blades Y
Band Saw Blades N

Purchase/Donation List

Ongoing Needs

  • Keep the space clean, pick up after yourself
  • If the trash is full, please take it to the dumpster
  • Everyone's goal should be to leave the space in a better condition than they found it.