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Note: These items are not listed in any sort of priority. They are just projects that we would like to do sometime.

Facility Upgrades(Preliminary)

Security Light On front of the building

DONE! While we do have lighting out in the parking lot, the covered area in front of the shop can be really dark at night. My proposal is to have a motion detected light on the brick facade under the covered area between the garage door and the main entrance.

Total cost should be below $60 and would have no effect on our electric bill.


Upgrading Bathroom and removing previous tenants shower.

  • Install point of use water heater ~225.
  • Replace flooring/and new wax seal for tolet ~200
  • Remove hacked together plumbing and install the utility sink. ~75
  • Patch Drywall/Paint. ~0


Storage room upgrading.

  • Move fridge into the room ~60
    • Install outlets for appliances
  • Cabinets or shelving
  • Shelving for walkway by batroom