Board meeting notes 2010-09-06

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  • Proposed Membership Changes
    • For spouses considering some sort of based on interests membership
      • Example: One spouse is paying full membership and if the other is simply interested in the camaraderie and spending time with their significant other then only charging $10 or $15
    • Alter student/discounted membership to only drop to $25 after the critical mass number of full members have been reached for any given space
      • Example: Until we have 25 full paying members we do not allow anyone the student membership. Once the 26th person joins, the first would be student who joined gets their membership reduced to $25, when the 27th person joins the next student in line drops to $25, and so on.
  • Task Organization
    • A few weeks back Ryan A. suggested that we put together a "task signup sheet" to help with getting others at the meetings involved in the various todos


Meeting skipped due to it falling on a holiday (Labor Day) Rescheduled to 9/13/10

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