Board meeting notes 2011-07-25

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


Closed Board Meeting

Public Notes

  • Members falling behind on dues: We will only allow members to fall 2 months behind on dues or they must return their keys. (Need to add to rules)
  • Members are not allowed to sleep at the space unless special arrangements made via board. Or in order to sleep off alcohol / prevent drunk driving.(Need to add to rules)
  • Google Doc has been created and shared with board members to begin documenting member incidents.
  • We're waiting on Jeff for a potential LAN party date in October/November
  • Possibility of a 48 our build off w/ launch Memphis. most likely far off
  • Upcoming Twitter Event - Sept 3rd, 4th, & 5th
  • John Sending an email about Crowdfunding a $45 6' x 3' color Banner
  • Joe emailing Ben Eisen about teaching an etching class
  • Next Board Meeting August 8th and again on August 22nd