Board meeting notes 2020-12-11

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Rich, Joe, Renee, Cliff, Rene, Brant, Robert, Count: 7


Previous Action Item Update

  • Notes from the last meeting for this meeting:
  • Report election results and board votes to approve the vote.
  • Election results approved by the board


  • Treasurer Report
  • Renee to email board RE: Philip
  • Renee to check into missing month maybe for Rene
  • Oct. Money ~251$ positive
  • Nov. Money ~287$ positive
  • Pending Member Review


  • Member check-in? Send email checking in with all paid members
  • What are the next 3 months?
  • No public open events in Q1. Re-evaluate every board meeting. Will reopen with support of local guidelines.
  • Members continue to work at the space and wearing masks

  • Supporter Membership Level
  • Cost associated with Member levels
  • Chat member perk
  • Different Tiers
  • not selling tool access, etc
  • Recognize members who continue to help sustain the group/space.
  • Recognize members who donate masks, printed masks, donated money for supplies.
  • Immediate need: increase membership


Group Things To Do