Board meeting notes 2023-01-13

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.



  • Paid Meetup fees. Several reminder emails went out, caused nice backpay surge. Brant working to identify late.
  • Start Running New members via approval process.
  • We need Nametags for open house nights
  • When giving tour introduce board members.
  • Call out to Membership for topics 2 weeks before board meeting. Encourage attendance.
  • Scott looking up stuff for Ox, buy open build PSU instead of building / modding one ourselves
    • Port on the Gecko is parallel, system is Windows XP / 7. Replace the Gecko
    • Open build gives us more OS options as well
    • Bring your own bits for the Ox
    • Allocating $500 to rebuild / update Ox
  • Scott going to look at Laser 2 to diagnose
  • Striker / Plate replaced by Brant
  • Membership Drive, Kevin on board, Herb pulling in other groups to come do demos
  • Bridgeport Mill - Renee
  • Buy light bulbs
  • Amazon Wish List?