Board meeting notes 2023-09-15

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.



Financials Member status Training room status Establishing committees to delegate and share responsibilities for particular areas

 examples are training classes, tool upkeep, shop upkeep

Moving forward on the pottery items. update on the casting class

It must be noted that we have not gotten through a full agenda yet and are working to prioritize items and come up with a better way to work through items. Committees may be a potential way to get more done with less.

Financial update and Member Status Covering members and new applications (Andrew H, haven't paid application fee) Last month weird because of rent check weirdness and tshirt money coming in but not going out yet. Utilities low, good for end of summer. September should be more normal. Pending Landlord depositing our checks. Chris H. full member. Waiting from others.

T-shirt Status Order Being redone. Morgan S. heard they were running new shirts next week. (Week of Sept.17th) (not sure if that happened have been out of town)

Training room status Chris Pegg got paint from lows, $50 for 5 gallons. All gray walls are painted except some sockets. (I believe the painting is now complete or almost, Thanks Chris) Got some samples and more to trim. Keep looking for ceiling and floor parts

Committees - We are planning the following committees, If you are interested in joining please let the board know. We hope this will get more done and let others participate more. Lord knows we need the help. Cleanliness committee - bathrooms / shop / training room Tool & Shop Upkeep and maintenance Training committee - Herb has agreed to chair this one Fundraising committee?

Moving forward on the pottery items. Need to plug in kiln to test if it's working. (Turns out we do not have that socket so will need a rewire before we can try it out) Pottery wheel is next option

Update on the casting class Scott still working on casting coin. (coin, if it works, is ready. Will see about how to get it to Chris. I will be passing it off to Herb) Chris Hammond is going to buy materials and we will reimburse he will prep molds ahead. 3 casting stations Face masks, apron, 3 sets of heavy duty gloves

Dust Collector Rearrange the area now that the giant post office box is gone. (Hopefully the Tool & Shop committee will lay out a good dust collection strategy. Not as simple as it sounds to do it right)

Blacksmith Cleanup Day Once every 6 months or once a year have an all member meeting. pot luck, etc. Scott working on a survey to send out to members, what you you like, not like, what would you like to see (will try and use survey monkey, please take this survey and truly express yourself) Extend the cord to the open sign at the front door Respond to email about using us as an event space for lock picking event guy (no, unless run by members, we are not a space rental area)

As always, suggestions and corrections to minutes are welcome and appreciated.