Board meeting notes 2023-12-15

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Board member election update (Joe)

  • New Board members have been set up with Gmail accounts, Updated in RFID system.
  • What else needs to be done?

Finance Overview (Brant)

  • We made 1,822. Landlord didn't cash checks, so probably two in December.
  • Paid utilities twice previous month
  • Ahead on utilities, waiting on landlord
  • Out of the norm was ceiling tile purchases. Sold propane space heater, bought more tiles
  • Paypal revenue down in November
  • About break even, just here and there.
  • December going to look bad because of how things fall month to month.

Membership News (Brant)

  • Updating members dropping off, coming back.
  • At 48 members including family memberships

Action Items / General Notes

  • Call for volunteers to install ceiling tiles along with date and time.
  • Lay out a strategic plan for the Group.
  • Group Projects. Always a struggle to empower members.
  • PC Way sponsorship beginning of March? Danny (From breadboard to PCB)
    • March KiCad PCB event, a keychain sized simon game. May get pushed to April.
  • Shadowcon Friday January 5th and 6th at Brooks Travelodge and ABC remix the following weekend at the Landers center. Flyers have been generated to promote the cosplay workshop. Logistics discussion manning tables, etc. (Danny)
    • Still need volunteers.
  • EVA Cosplay workshop proposal for january 20th (Danny)
    • Danny to start buying materials for the workshop.
  • We need to shorten the class preparation timeline.
  • Paint and Sip event?
  • January 27th planning meeting. (Saturday) Long form discussion. Pre work as well.
  • No table at ABC Remix.