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Why should I join the Midsouth Makers?

Membership has its benefits. You get 24/7 access to the workshop, the house and the yard. You will have access to tools and space to work on whatever you like. We also have some supplies available onsite. The most valuable thing we can offer is the collective knowledge and experiences of our members. Our members consist of professors, artists, engineers, technicians, web developers, system and network admins and hopefully you! By joining Midsouth Makers you will be supporting Memphis's first local hackerspace as well as the community of members that depend on it.

What does my membership get me?

Each paying member has 24/7 access to the space. All non-consumable tools are available for use as well. Some tools require supplies, and we ask that you consider a nominal donation for each use. Most consumable supplies and raw materials available onsite can be used for projects. Please do not use the last of anything, without being willing to replace it.

For specific information regarding the features of each membership level, check out the following page: http://www.midsouthmakers.org/membership

What tools are available?

We have a large variety of hand tools, in addition to several power tools such as drills, sanders, circular saws, etc. We have larger equipment as well: A large drill press, table saw, chop saw, tile saws and a radial arm saw. We have a large metal cutting band saw and a MiG welder that requires shield gas, so a per use donation is recommended.

What general supplies are available?

We share workshop space with a construction company. They have been kind enough to allow us the use of the materials found onsite with some exceptions. In general, any material can be used for projects provided it is not new and reserved for their projects. We also ask that you do not use the last of any raw material. Please feel free to talk to any board member if you have any questions. An older image of the yard can be found on Flickr

What electrical supplies are available?

We are in the process of aquiring and cataloging an electrical component inventory. It will be available for member use, ofc donations will be gladly accepted. We may decide to charge for components instead of asking for donations. The list is/will be available here: Electronic_Parts_Library. We have several soldering stands available and are in the process of fleshing out out electronics workbench.

How can I get in touch with other members?

We have several methods of contact available. For a rapid response you can join us in IRC (chat) on Freenode in #midsouthmakers with your own IRC client or you can use our webchat. You can reach more of our members by using our Google Group mailing list. Make sure you join the group to be able to post without moderation. We use Facebook and Twitter as well.

What can't I do at the space?

A good rule of thumb is that you can do anything you like, provided you are not putting yourself or others at risk. If you are putting yourself at risk we will look at you funny and probably ask you to stop. Also, keep in mind that our space is a communal space - try to avoid doing anything that could damage the space itself or violate the terms of our lease. For more specific details check our Rules page.

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

Fill out the Membership Application on the following page: http://www.midsouthmakers.org/membership-application/

I filled out the Membership Application! What happens next?

Shortly after filling out the membership application, a welcome packet with more information and helpful links will be sent to the email address you included in the application. You should fill out your profile on the wiki as soon as you are able to login, and fill out the Skills_exchange