Hacker Consortium

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Hacker Consortium

Hacker Consortium (HC)

City Nashville
State Tennessee
Country United States
Website http://www.hackerconsortium.com
E-mail info@hackersonsortium.com
IRC #hackerconsortium


Hacker Consoritum is a hackerspace located in Nashville, TN that played a rather large part in the development of Midsouth Makers. Hacker Consortium has been around since early 2009 and has been progressively doing well ever since. They have been unbelievably helpful every time assistance was needed. They assisted Midsouth Makers' found members in first finding one another, provided information on the necessary setup, and have provided further encouragement to the Memphis group to push through and accomplish the same things as they did.


Hacker Consortium first came together as a group, under the direction of Skydog, looking to accomplish the same goals, acquire a space. The group did well until it came time to obtain a space, where too much money was necessary to rent a location. At this point the group kind of fell apart in terms of interest since few could afford the money requirements to take on such an endeavor. It was not until MudFlap worked out a deal with O'Riley's Auto-parts that any further progress was made. A building on the same property as O'Riley's was found to actually belong to them after the main storefront was completed. MudFlap just happened to throw out there that the group was looking for space, and so it came down to Hacker Consortium receiving the small building, as is, for no rent. It required a good bit of work on HC's part because the building needed a lot of work, but after much time, effort, and monye, the space is now running great and providing them with a location to tinker in.