Household R value

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Household R Value
Owner Cellurl
Started On 2010-02-17
Time 120 minutes


The R Value of a house is a measurement of the thermal resistance of a house. In other words it is a means of measuring how well the house is insulated. This provides a means of reference for how well the house resists changing its internal temperature based on the outside temperature. So I took an attempt at "measuring our house". My side kick Carter and I did an experiment.

See Wikipedia for more details on Household R value.


  1. No one can tell if their house leaks like a sieve.

People sell window replacements by the boatload due to fact #1.


  1. Made sure it was cloudy and reasonably constant temperature outside.
  2. We ran the heat up to 70 ℉ (21.1 ℃)
  3. Turned off everything
  4. Waited for 120 minutes, regularly recording the internal temperature of the house


Inside temperature of the house vs the time elapsed