Marvin Prusa RepRap

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Prusa RepRap (Marvin)
Owner Orias
Version 1.0
Status In Progress
Started On January 2011
Cost ~$500


Thanks to Dan9186 and Os1r1s, I've been working on building my own 3D printer. It's a Prusa RepRap, which I've taken to calling Marvin.

Completed Upgrades


  • The Z-Axis couplers broke on me several times. I tried both the stock Prusa couplers and the "Beefier Z-Axis" coupler, which started to break as well. The solution? a 2" section of automotive air hose and some hose clamps. Several prints in, they're still going strong. eventually they will need to be replaced, but it's a really cheap, effective solution.