Meeting notes 2011-02-04

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  • Roy B.
  • Judith D.
  • Nick D.
  • Ashely D.
  • Claudio D.
  • Brad D.
  • Mitzi D.
  • Kevin D.
  • Joe F.
  • Daniel H.
  • Rick M.
  • Charles M.
  • Chris P.
  • Thomas P.
  • Walter S.
  • Mark T.
  • John W.
  • Adam R.
  • Ryan A.

Count: 19


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  • Donations / Extra Expenses
    • The group is funding various projects a lot of it is member donated
    • Some expenses are unavoidable, we still need more members and more donations.
    • Feel free to donate beyond your membership dues and even specify what project you'd like to help donate for.
  • Financial Update
    • Number of members paying dues / how many we need to cover monthly expenses.
    • Please pay dues for February or make arrangements to pay later in the month.
    • We're more than willing to work with you on when you pay your dues for a particular month.

Upcoming Events

  • Blue Coast Burrito Fundraiser Recap
    • We brought in $227.66, they're sending us a check for $22.76.
    • Working on scheduling another night for late March/Early April
  • Fan table at MidSouthCon March 25-27th
    • Canceled plans for this year, not enough resources
    • Plan to go big for 2012.
  • Feb 18th Meeting @ Republic Arduino Night
    • We have a few people bringing their kits to show off / talk about.
    • We could use more people bringing their kits and discussing what they're doing

The Space

  • We have a screen printing rig!
    • We're working on getting a date to teach everyone how to use it.
    • We'll be working to turn a side of the paint room into a dark room / chemical room
  • Working on a webcam system.
    • If you have an old cheap Logitech camera you'd like to donate, talk to Joe
  • Security
    • Starting Monday everyone will need to use an alarm code to activate / deactivate the alarm code.
    • If you're the last to leave make sure you set the alarm
    • We'll let you know the code to use at the meeting


  • We're only meeting @ Republic Coffee on the 1st and 3rd Fridays. Other meetings are at the space.
  • Feb 11th @ Space
  • Feb 18th @ Republic - Arduino Night
  • Feb 25th @ Space



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