Meeting notes 2010-03-19

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  • Brad
  • Mitzi
  • James
  • Kevin
  • Brandi
  • Michael
  • Mark
  • Chris
  • Daniel
  • Rick
  • Aaron
  • Colin
  • John
  • Joe

Count: 14


See Flicker for pictures


  • Organization Progress
    • Bank Account
      • We are in the process of getting the paperwork together
      • Should be finished and in place by the next meeting
    • Dues
      • We do not have any set dues yet
      • Since bank account is nearly in place we may wish to begin collecting some small amounts
      • Poll the members for what they think would be an acceptable amount to pay as monthly dues
  • Soldering Class
    • We are going to attempt a soldering class event
    • Decide on a date, it really needs to be at least 4 weeks in the future
    • We may even wish to wait till next week to do this and pull in some help from any students that might show up
    • Spread the word
  • Show off projects
  • General chit chat


Comes to Order @ 7:15

Bank account coming soon. Start collecting money for a slush fund to get the bank account started. Work on money to put down for a space. Other groups have had a lot of success drawing in more people once they have a space open.

Tentative date for soldering class April 16th. Projects: John sandblasted the World of Warcraft factions on a beer glass. Roy has an LED light made out of a pipe

flange and a gas hose line.

Rick Mayfields 's presentation on the Arduino.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30