Meeting notes 2010-04-30

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  • John
  • Mary
  • Daniel
  • Rick
  • Joe
  • Kevin
  • Brandi
  • Roy

Count: 8


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  • Financial Report
  • Update on Band looking to use space
  • Brainstorming
    • Bringing In Members
      • Attendance has dropped
      • We have previously discussed ideas on how to bring in members, we need to pick one and make it happen
      • What else can we improve to try and attract interest?
    • Funds
      • We need 'em
      • What can we do to make more progress?
      • Whatever it is, let's start doing it.
    • Group Events
      • Lets start a regular event that we all go and do
      • Something that is simple and as little cost to everyone as possible
      • Movie night? Pizza? Picknick/Potluck?
      • Sometime when it is convenient for everyone
      • Let's enjoy the nice weather while it's here
    • Group Projects
      • Needs to be low cost
      • Needs to be something that we can do now
  • On to the activity


  • Attempting to troubleshoot the circuit and explain it if anyone wants


Comes to Order @ 7:18 PM

  • We received a donation of over $600 to use for promotion and raising awareness of the group.
  • Current rate of incoming we'll have our slush fund in another month
  • We're still looking for potential locations for our space
  • Potential for having a few local bands help us do a big promotional

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:30 PM