Meeting notes 2010-12-10

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This meeting is missing the attendance list.


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  • Finances
    • We have had 13 people pay for Decembers dues
    • We need at least 28 to stay afloat
  • Holidays
    • No meeting in two weeks on Friday December 24th (Christmas Eve)
    • No meeting on Friday December 31st (New Years)
    • Do we want to have some sort of informal group get together for new years?
  • Upcoming Events
    • LAN II Tomorrow!
      • Food will be $10, that includes 5 drinks
      • Additional drinks are $0.50 each
    • Road trip to Little Rock IMAX to see Tron on Dec 18th
      • It is the 1:45 PM showing
      • Meeting is West Memphis, see John for further details
  • The Space
    • We have the lease => File:2203 Freemont Lease.pdf
    • Mary and Daniel are signing the lease, they will be responsible for $1600 from their own funds if the group fails
    • December 15th is when we are allowed in
    • We will try to have keys for the members that paid ASAP, please see a board member after the move in day to get your keys once they are available
      • Be Ready to go to work
  • Opportunities
    • PHP and, full time PHP person needed



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