Meeting notes 2011-09-02

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Event Discussion

  • Weekends 12-4 Open Hack Day at the space
  • Sept 3rd, 4th, 5th - Twitter Recruitment Event
  • We're planning a Sculpy Craft Class led by Rachel

Group Information

  • Board Meeting Monday 9-12 7pm(ish) @ the space
    • Members welcome

'Project Discussion General Info


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Events: Our twitter recruiting event starts this weekend: We also have a Sculpture class coming up that we do need participants to prepay for: September 11th @ noon will be our first shot at beer brewing, come by and check it out!

Next Meetings: Recruitment Committee meeting 9/8 6:30pm @ Republic Cofee Next open board meeting is scheduled for 9/12 7pm(ish) @ the space Next general meeting at Republic is Friday 9/16

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