Meeting notes 2011-12-16

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No Pictures



  • Current Funds:
  • Current # Paying Members: 34

Yearly Elections

Artist Ghetto

    • Next Meeting 12/28

The Space

  • Leave your name on anything you leave in the space.
  • Mark items DNH (Do not Hack)
  • If you're unsure of anything please send an email to the list.

Project Discussion

  • B.O.B. - Bounty of Beer - Group Kegerator - Paid for by mostly group donations
    • Please help support projects like this by donating for the next batch of ingredients
  • Dan bought a vinyl cutter
    • Please get with Dan or Joe prior to use
    • There will be a wiki article on usage coming soon
    • If you'd like something cut, please provide a SVG format
  • What is everyone up to?

Event Discussion

  • 1/14/12 - LAN Party @ The Space

Group Information

  • Next Board Meeting: 1/9
  • Next Republic Meeting 1/6


Comes to Order @

Meeting Adjourned @