Meeting notes 2012-06-01

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Financial Update

  • Current Money:
  • Current Paying Members: 28

Group Information

  • Monday 6/4 - Final walk through of the new space
    • Will be signing lease and paying $1700 (1st Month + Deposit)
    • We have to be out of our current space by end of June
    • Next rent payment due to new landlord August 1st
  • Please take home whatever you have brought to the space to do your part in helping us move
  • Space will likely be a premium at the new location. Don't be mad if we can't store stuff.
  • Difference between storage and use: If it doesn't get used in 2 months, it's storage.
  • We're in the Making business, not the storage business.
  • Be respectful of others projects. Try not to have multiple projects going at once taking up a lot of space.

Event Discussion

  • 3d Printer night TONIGHT!
  • New space cookout - TBD
  • Move day - TBD
  • PHP Class - TBD

Next Board Meeting

  • TBA


Comes to Order @

  • 3d Printer Night!

Meeting Adjourned @