Meeting notes 2012-07-20

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No Pictures


Financial Update

  • Current Money: 2479.79
  • Laser Cutter Fund: ~1400 Needed: ~2100
  • Current Paying Members: 32

Group Information

  • Big thanks to Dan H., Ben, and Dru (and anyone else I may be forgetting) for getting the shop cleaned up and organized
  • MMCodeMonkeys Group forming (Group similar to the Artist Ghetto)
    • Programming focused group to learn and explore programming technologies.
    • Meeting 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month
    • Next Meeting August 2nd

Event Discussion

  • July 28th - Carpeting the community room in the space
    • We need bodies to help move stuff, no experience required!
  • August 25th 4pm LAN Party!

Next Board Meeting

  • July 30th 6:30pm(ish)@ the space


Comes to Order @

Meeting Adjourned @