Meeting notes 2012-09-07

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Financial Update

  • Current Money:
  • Laser Cutter Fund: ~1400 Needed: ~2100
  • Current Paying Members: 33 + 2 Pending

Group Information

  • Thanks to Brandon, we picked up 42 Pentium 4 computers, and a very nice SAN and Server rack.
    • We’ll be working to go through the 42 Desktops so we can inventory the hardware.
    • We’ll definetely need help working on the machines, we’ll let everyone know when we plan on working on them.
    • The goal for the PCs is to set a few aside for group use and then possibly sell (cheaply) the rest with proceeds going to the Laser Cutter Fund.
  • There is a leak by the back door, we had to pull up the carpet, we’ve got the landlord involved and currently waiting to hear back from him.
  • We have some new members and a couple of pending new members. If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, come see the new faces.
  • Claudio has started a thread on the email list for those wanting RaspberryPi cases printed on the 3d printers for donations to the laser cutter fund.
  • Rachel is prepping info to do a class on Stained Glass.
  • Kara is working on craft supply rack this weekend anyone that wants to help or has stuff to donate is free to come by the space Sunday afternoon
  • MMCodeMonkeys Group
    • Next Meeting: 9/20 - HTML/CSS/JavaScript Practical Usage
    • Meeting 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month

Event Discussion

  • Arduino Programming - Hardware I/O - 9/22 - Still planning

Next Board Meeting

  • 9/24 6:30ish @ the Space


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